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From C16SE to C20XE
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Author:  Jassiemboy [ 08 Feb 2021, 13:21 ]
Post subject:  From C16SE to C20XE

Hi, i have a 1.6 opel and i want to do a conversion what i would like to know what all do i need to change inorder to fit a C20XE motor such as mountings or shafts etc

Author:  DJ7 [ 08 Feb 2021, 14:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: From C16SE to C20XE

You first need to mention exactly what 1.6 Opel you have, for people to be able to give you some advice. Then also if you have the motor already or not, will you be doing the conversion yourself or paying someone to do it. What kinda budget are you working with (Ball park figure).

The more info that you give, the better people can help you.

Author:  Jassiemboy [ 08 Feb 2021, 16:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: From C16SE to C20XE

I have an astra estate 1.6 96/97 model and i havent bought the motor yet but preferbly when i do i will be buying the motor and gearbox because im not sure if my box will fit ive been told its a F16 but it doesnt say on the box. I will be fitting it myself

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